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Benefits Open Enrollment

ACBL’s Benefits Open Enrollment for 2023 is here!

Please watch the video below to view the Knowledge Hour session in which we discuss the improvements made to ACBL Benefits for 2023 and how these changes can have a positive IMPACT on you and your family!

ACBL 2023 Benefits Open Enrollment Closes

October 18 through November 11

Enroll Online at or on the UKG mobile app!

What is Benefits Open Enrollment?

Every year you have an opportunity to make changes to all of your benefits for the following year. This opportunity is a chance for everyone to review their benefits and do the following:

  • Add, Remove, or Update Coverage
  • Add or Remove Dependents
  • Review and update Life Insurance beneficiaries

Benefit Changes for 2023

  • New Concierge Service
    • Quantum Health will provide Team Members and families with support for a wide variety of benefits needs. Need help finding In-Network doctors, understanding a medical bill, or how to use your Dental and Vision benefits? Quantum can help!
    • Call 866-885-1033 or visit to learn more!

  • New Medical Carrier
    • ACBL will be moving from United Healthcare to the Anthem network. Reach out to Quantum Health to learn more about this exciting change!

  • New Support Programs
    • Additional programs have been added to support Team Members and families with Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and recovering from Back/Joint Injuries!
    • New discount program available to help with specific high-cost specialty medications to provide relief to families.

Why You Should Complete Your Benefits Open Enrollment

  • We Need Beneficiaries for You: We could not transfer over your beneficiaries from our old benefits system so we need them for EVERYONE! Regardless if you don’t elect voluntary life insurance, we need it for the employee company provided life.

  • Remove Unnecessary Surcharges: If enrolled in ACBL Medical you could pay up to $2,400 next year in tobacco and spousal surcharges, if you don’t complete your enrollment! Complete your 2023 Open enrollment to avoid this if the Tobacco and/or Spousal Surcharges do not apply to you!

  • To Elect your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Helathcare Savings Account (HSA): Participation in these accounts is voluntary and can only be done by electing the benefits during Open Enrollment. Your current enrollment in the Flexible Spending Accounts does not automatically renew.

  • Add/Remove: Benefits or Dependents
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