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ACBL’s 401(k) plan is administered by Principal. Any money that a team member contributes to their 401(k) account is considered Retirement Savings. While there are ways for team members to access the funds in their accounts, it is important to remember that the IRS has specific rules and regulations that determine both How Much and When money can be taken out of the account

Contributions can be made Pre-Tax or Post-Tax.

Pre-Tax contributions are collected from a paycheck before taxes are paid to the government. When the money is eventually removed from the retirement account (either at retirement age or before), both the initial investment and any profit made from the account are taxable income.

Post-Tax contributions, also known as Roth, are payments made after taxes have been collected. The benefit is that any growth made upon the investment is tax-free upon the team member reaching retirement age.

ACBL’s 401(k) Plan

Beginning January 1, 2023, ACBL introduced a new automatic enrollment 401(k) Plan. All New Hire Team Members will be automatically enrolled with a 3% pre-tax deferral rate with a 1% yearly increase.

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Matching Contributions:

  • ACBL will match, dollar for dollar, on the first 2% that a team member contributes to their retirement account.
  • For the next 4% that a team member contributes, ACBL will match with fifty cents per dollar that a team member contributes.
  • To receive the full company match, a team member must contribute at least 6% of their salary.

Match Vesting:

Team members must have at least three years of service with ACBL to be considered vested in their 401(k) retirement account. If a team member leaves before they have three years of service with ACBL, any Company Match they receive on/after July 1, 2018, will remain with ACBL. The money that the team member contributes to their account is theirs to keep, but not the Company Match.

Phone Number: 800-547-7754

Website: www.Principal.com

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