How to Complete a Health Screening

Physician Screenings

How to complete your screening with the Physician Lab Form:

  • Log in to Virgin Pulse
  • Click My Rewards
  • Scroll down and click on Complete a Physician Lab Form with our doctor
  • Click Take Me There 
  • Click on Download to access your personal physician lab form

Click here for a step-by-step guide to help with downloading your Physician Lab Form!

Tips for a ensuring the visit is FREE:

  1. Call your physician and let them know you are needing a Preventive Care Physical completed
  2. Tell the physician’s office that you have a screening form you need completed and returned to the fax number printed on the form
    • NOTE: The completed form should not be returned to ACBL. Call Virgin Pulse at 888-671-9395 for assistance!
  3. The visit is free if the physician’s office codes the visit correctly and sends the blood sample to an in-network testing facility
  4. To help ensure everything is done correctly, call Quantum Health at 866-885-1033 before visiting your physician!
    • Quantum Health can call your physician’s office and help them with the coding and verify the location of where the blood sample can be sent so the visit is FREE.