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Updated Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Today’s Key Issues

  • Lower Miss Major Closures MM 595 – River closed intermittently 12/1 – 12/20 for intense Revetment Operations at Victoria Bend. Expect significant impact to north and southbound transit of multiple days. Industry is establishing a traffic command center to be staffed 24-hrs to collaborate in real-time with the USACE and contractors. During the first 6-days of the project, there will be no ability to cease work to fully clear the queue. Delays could build to 4+ days by 12/6. Industry remains hopeful that following this first phase, we can come to terms on queue clearing windows every 2-3 days to better manage delays to transit.
  • Expected Draft Reduction – Mississippi River – Expect drafts to reduce St. Louis – South early December basis current river forecasts. More details to come.
  • Port Allen Lock Delay– Lock closed to transit 1800 -0900 11/15 – 11/20 for dredging in the forebay. The delays continue to be 1+ days at Port Allen Lock, but the backup expected to clear late week 11/26-27.
  • Kentucky Lock Closure ( TR22.3) – Kentucky Lock closed 11/1 through 12/10 for needed repairs to the miter gates. As a result, traffic is passing through Barkley Lock and Canal. Via this route, we are restricted to 12-barge tows and we are expect 18-36 hrs delay for lockage through mid-Dec.
  • Montgomery Lock Closure (OR 32) Main Chamber closed for miter gates repair from 10-25-21 through 12-22-21. Auxiliary Chamber in use, but significant delay expected.

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