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Updated Thursday, September 23, 2021

Today’s Key Issues

  • Arkansas River (AK 10) – due to the rapid drop in water levels in the Mississippi River and shoaling around mile 10 on the Arkansas River, the navigational channel has now become IMPASSABLE to commercial tows and is CLOSED. Dredging operations have began as of 9-22-21. At this time, there is NO estimate on when the channel will be passable and the dredging operations could go into early next week. Updates to follow.
  • Hurricane IDA Recovery- Recovery plans are in full swing. This storm has caused major damage to areas in and around Greater New Orleans.  ACBL is coordinating recovery efforts with Industry and the USCG. Ensuring personnel, cargo, and equipment security remains our TOP priority. Transit delays are still expected as the Industry is getting back into a normal transportation pattern as boats, fleets, and shipyards recover from this Hurricane. Please contact your Sales representative with any questions you may have regarding the status of your cargo. Please click here for additional details from GICA/ACOE update.
  • Wilson Lock (TR 259) – the MAIN chamber is NOW OPEN on a limited basis ….. they will lock southbound during the daylight and northbound during the night. Lockages at Wilson Lock will stop when flows reach 275,000 cfs or spillway gates 1-26 adjacent to the lock are in operation.
  • Port Allen Lock Delays still continue to build at Port Allen lock. As of 9:00 9/23/21, 17 tows on turn in the river and 17 tows on turn in the canal. Anticipated approximate delay: 48+ hours….. Lock Contact Information:   Bayou Sorrel Lock 225-659-7773.  Port Allen Lock 225-343-3752.

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