River Closures and Restricted Movements


  • Ohio River Low Water Draft Reduction – Due to low water and a bar developing just below Olmsted Lock (OR 965), drafts have been reduced to 9′ full-river for the Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers.
  • Montgomery Lock Main Chamber Closure (OR 32)Main chamber closure began October 17th and will last through December 16th. The auxiliary chamber will remain in use but can only transit one barge at a time. Last closure of this variety, delays grew to 7+ days for the bulk of the closure.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Peoria Lock Reopened (IR 157) Work to the fish barrier has completed as of 9/20 and Peoria lock has resumed full operations.
  • Upper Miss Closeout – ACBL is making our final departure from Clinton today, 11/28, and will work to clear off remaining barges below this area over the next week. Please review our closeout notice and get in touch with your ACBL sales representative if you have any questions. Click Here for the full closeout notice.
  • Upper Miss Draft Restriction Hardened – ACBL implemented an 8’6″ draft restriction for loadings in the Gulf to St. Louis, as well as origins above St. Louis due south. We are expediting barges loaded to 9′ to ensure we deliver to or above St. Louis before getting to -5 on the St. Louis gauge.
  • Mel Price Main Chamber Closure – Main Chamber closed Dec 2022- Mar 2023 for Liftgate Replacement and Lock Dewatering.
  • 2023 Illinois River 120-Day Closure – ACBL has released our guidance for shipments to/from the Illinois River and Chicago which will be impacted by the lock closures Jun – Sep 2023. Click Here for our full guidance. Please contact your sales representative if you have further questions.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Historic Lower Miss Low Water Conditions – River Levels continue to fall on the Lower Miss with severe impacts to navigation not seen since 1988. Expect Industry to see significant delays to barge transits and ton-miles production driven by drastic reductions to boat and barge capacity.
    • Memphis Gauge reported 10/17 at -10.76 ft, surpassing benchmark low water levels in 1988.
    • ACBL has taken the lead within the Inland Marine Industry, working with our partners at the USCG and USACE to mobilize resources in troublesome areas and manage marine traffic.
    • ACBL and Industry have seen improved transits and run-time on the Lower Miss during November, but draft and tow restrictions remain an impediment.
    • December is forecast to see another fall in river levels, and expect restrictions, particularly St. Louis through Cairo, to impede Industry capabilities by mid Dec.
    • Industry reduced Lower Miss drafts to 9’0″ on October 17th both NBD and SBD. This change reflects a 24-30% reduction to tons per barge versus normal conditions.
    • ACBL Liquid drafts have been reduced to 8’6″ as of October 17th, reflecting approx 17% reduction to tons per barge versus normal conditions.
    • ACBL has proactively reduced loading drafts to 8’6″ for barges transiting to/from/through the St. Louis area ahead of a sharp decline forecast for Dec.
    • Dredging activities expected to drive full closure periods to transit during this event. See below for specific locations and closure details.
    • Expect these issues to continue into 2023 based on forecasted precip.
  • Norrell Lock (AK 10) – Intermittent closure for repairs and a 70′ width restriction took place June 1st, 2022 thru August 4th. The lock was fully open from August 4th through the 8th. Daily closures resumed August 9th from 07:00 to 19:00 with no width restrictions, was briefly fully open from August 18th thru the 21st, and resumed daily closures August 22nd with 70′ width restrictions to take place until November 30th.
  • Lower Miss Revetment (LM 344 – 336) – Revetment work is ongoing at Railroad Landing (LM 344) with one-way traffic from 06:00-18:00. There is potential delays for larger tows during daylight hours.
  • I-10 Bridge (MM229.3) – Safety advisory on LMR from MM228.5 – 230 AHP for the replacement of the fender system on Pier 5 of the I-10 bridge, on the left descending channel near MM229.3. The operation will be 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week from August 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Operations may extend in the channel at times and cause delays. Transit slowest safe speed to minimize wake.
  • White Castle (LM192.7 RDB) – USACE Revetment, No Deep draft transits during working hours. MSU will fold in at night. Jan 2 – 13, Jan 16 – 21.
  • Donaldsonville Daily Work (LM 189) – Work is complete in channel. They will continue to have work on the outside of the channel and boat will need to transit at a safe speed, but there are no more planned channel closures. This should last about a week.
  • Sunshine Bridge (LM167.5) – Nov 14 – May 30,2023 – Pier Fender replacement on the bridge. Slow safe speed with minimal wake requested 0600 – 1800 M-F.
  • Reserve (LM 139) – USACE Revetment, One way transit with slow bell during working hours. MSU will fold in at night. Dec1 & 2, Dec 5 – 11.
  • Huey P Long Bridge (LM106) – Nov 14 – Dec 16 they will be replacing Pier Fenders on the bridge. Slow safe speed with minimal wake requested from 0700 – 1730 daily.
  • Greenville Bend (LM 100) – USACE Revetment, One way transits with slow bell during working hours. Dec 12 – 16, Dec 19 – 23, Dec 27 – 29.
  • Matt Sinking Unit (LM 191) – Operations will begin Monday 10/10, please exercise caution when transiting area from White Castle to Point Clair (MM191-194 LMR AHP). During times of actual revetment work, the Mat Sinking Unit (MSU) will extend approximately 300 to 900 feet channelward from the bank. When the Unit is not folded in, it will extend about 480 feet from the bank channelward. When the Unit is folded in, it will extend approximately 250 feet from the bank. M/V WILLIAM JAMES will be the USACE on-scene pilot boat and can be contacted via VHF-FM Channels 67 or at (601) 415-1877.
  • Bayou Sorrel Intermittent Closures (PA 37) – The lock suspended the daily closure from August 1st Monday thru Thursday from 06:30 to 17:00 on October 20th. The contractor does not anticipate requiring further daytime restrictions until early- to mid-December. Additionally, daytime restrictions will be adjusted to five days of 9-hour restrictions from 07:00 to 16:00. The daily closures are projected to last till March 2023. Currently seeing minimal impact to transit.
  • Inner Harbor Navigation Canal – USACE anticipates work should begin this fall (Nov/Dec). Some DAYTIME closures are expected, but timing is unknown at this time. Majority of work should not require lock closures.
  • Harvey Lock Closure (WC 0.0) – As of October 20th, Harvey Lock is CLOSED to marine traffic due to risk from reverse head conditions resulting from low water conditions on the Lower MS River. Algiers Lock can be used as an alternate route.
  • Port Allen Projected Closure (PA 63.7) – There is a projected closure in mid-February to facilitate replacement of the bridge running adjacent to the canal. There is a projected full 24-hour closure, along with three to four additional closures lasting roughly eight hours each. Expecting firm dates to be established in late January.