River Closures & Restricted Movements


Tennessee River High Water Conditions – back to full river operations and movement on 4-7-21.

Cheatham Locks and Dam (CR 149) will NOW be starting their TOTAL 11 day initial closure on 5-10-21. It will run through 7-15-21.

Meldahl Locks and Dam (OR 436) Main chamber will be CLOSED for repairs from 4-12-21 to 6-11-21. The auxiliary chamber will be used during this time with intermittent full closures TBA.

Olmsted Locks and Dam (OR 965) – wickets are lowered … traffic has been transitioned to the navigation pass.

Chicago/Illinois/Upper Miss

  • Lock 2 ClosureLock 2 is going to have a planned Closure in July. They will have 4 -12hr closures to install Miter gates.
  • St Louis to Cairo Restrictions – With the river on the rise St Louis to Cairo, we will start seeing restrictions today. Some of the Restrictions in St Louis will be Daylight running through the bridges in St Louis and Thebes Rail Road Bridge and reduced tow size between Cairo and St Louis.
  • Peoria and Lagrange Lock – Peoria wickets are going down today with the increase rain over the weekend.
  • Upper Miss Restrictions – With all the rain from over the weekend has the river on a quick rise. We will have the following tow size reductions. St Paul to Prairie Du Chien 9 Barges and Prairie Du Chien to St Louis 12 loads.
  • Upper Miss Closure – Lacrosse RR Bridge UM699 will be closed 2000-0759 due to severe personnel shortage (COVID-related). They will operate this schedule until crew is able to return back to work.
  • Mel Price Main Chamber Closure 2022 – Main Chamber will be closed JAN 2022-Mar2022 for Liftgate Replacement and Lock Dewatering.

Lower Miss/Gulf/Canals/Tenn Tom

  • Gulf and Canals Weather UpdateFog overnight 4/9 drove 6-8 hrs of delay across the region. Storms and rain moving through starting 4/9 will bring wind and rough seas, delaying transit on the Canals through the weekend into early next week.
  • Flood Stage Update– River levels remain in flood action-stages on the Lower Miss and in the Gulf. These conditions are driving 25% reduction to Gulf Shuttle tow-size, and 14-28% for larger HP boats operating the Lower Miss. We are also in southbound daylight restrictions at Vicksburg and Baton Rouge bridges and on a boat-by-boat basis at the Memphis bridges, increasing southbound transit Cairo to the Gulf by 12-24 hrs or approx. 12-25%. Baton Rouge forecast above 35′ through April 20th. New Orleans forecast above 12′ through the end of April. As a reminder, ACBL High Water provisions begin when the Baton Rouge gauge is 35′ and above, while ACBL Gulf Fleet surcharges begin when the New Orleans (Carrolton) gauge is 12′ and above.
  • Tenn-Tom and Warrior-Tom High Water – Expect delays to transit and reduced tow-sizes to vessels on the Tennessee-Tombigbee and Black Warrior rivers through April due to high water levels and flows on these rivers.
  • Arkansas River Flood Conditions – High flows and flood stages on the Arkansas are driving 25% reductions to tow size (operating 9 barge tows), and driving delays to transit and barging operations on the river. Expect these conditions to last well into April at this time.
  • Osceola Fleet Space– Fleets in Osceola (LM781-786) are advising they are at-capacity and are only taking in barges on a case-by-case basis. Osceola shipments may divert. If you are concerned about a particular shipment, please reach out to your ACBL sales rep.
  • Algiers Lock Restrictions – Until further notice, tows over 60′ wide restricted to 600′ total length, and tows less than 60′ wide restricted to 700′ total length. Two 30K barges or Four regulation barges are able to lock through in one go, but greater configurations will require trip boat assistance.
  • Harvey Lock Closures – Harvey will close 4/5 – 5/21 for repair work to the 4th Street Lift-Bridge. Expect increased traffic and delays at Algiers. High water could increase the impact of this issue.
  • Colorado River Locks Closure – Full closure daily from 07:00-18:00 3/29 – 4/9 for repair work. The closure to Colorado (WC 440) will continue through the weekends.
  • Leland Bowman Lock Delays – Due to damage from an allision with the west gate on Leland Bowman (WC 162.7), lock will be closed 4/5 through 4/7 0700 – 1900 daily for repairs. Expect delays for the foreseeable future.
  • Grosse Tete Bridge Closure on the Port Allen – Grosse Tete drawbridge (PA 36) closed 3/15 through 5/15 for repairs. Will open twice daily, 1000 – 1200 and 2200 – 2400, to clear both the NBD and SBD tows awaiting passage. Expect 6-12 hrs delay.
  • Bayou Sorrel Lock Closure – Bayou Sorrel Lock will close to transit 0700 – 1800 daily 3/16 – 4/7 and 4/21 – 5/15 for repair work. Expect 1-2 day delay depending on arrival time at the lock and the queue at the time of arrival.
  • Port Allen Lock Restrictions – Due to a barge allision and damage to the guidewall, the following restrictions will be in place: Westbound tows with more than 1 barge will be permitted to lock with an assist vessel, while only single-barge tows will lock without assist. Eastbound tows greater than 650′ long will require an assist vessel. Due to these restrictions, expect a potential for delays to lockages.